I’m currently displaying my artwork with Master’s Editions which have several locations all over the southeast. I’ll provide additional information regarding my resume soon, thanks for visiting!

mobile: 865.306.9508

Jess Wathen's Event at the Master's Editions Lamplight Gallery in Gatlinburg, TN
Jess Wathen’s Event at the Master’s Editions Lamplight Gallery in Gatlinburg, TN here seen demonstrating a “Vignette”

4 thoughts on “Contact/Resume”

  1. Hey Jess. I really enjoy your piece ‘Starlight.’ Is the original work for sale? If not are you going to produce any prints?

    Outstanding work mate!

    1. Hello there, Thanks for you interest! A collector actually just purchased it tonight at the Kinkade Gallery I display in. However, I am considering high quality Giclée’s for this particular piece in the future.

      Also, thanks for your kind compliments, it’s one of the few reasons I keep going!

  2. Jess, I enjoyed meeting you and talking with you at the Chimneys Trail on Saturday. Your work is beautiful. I am going to share your website with my son, and will return to browse it some more myself.
    Randy Graham

    1. I enjoyed our conversation as well. I’m glad you enjoy my work. Maybe I can serve as some sort of inspiration. Anyhow, Hope all is well, feel free to visit the site as much as you like. I won’t mind if you share it either, haha. Take care.

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