6 thoughts on “Dialogue With The Stars”

  1. I got a sneak look at your sketch you did on the back of this painting, and I think its awesome. You have quite a talent, and I certainly will enjoy your painting.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it, I was happy with the results too!

      I intend to do more stand alone sketches in the near future and make them available. They’ll be making their debut at my sketch events in October.

  2. I received your painting and I absolutely love it. Your detail in your painting is beautiful. Will enjoy it each time I look at it. Looking forward to seeing more of work. Tim

    1. This appreciation is a wonderful thing to experience, I’m so glad you enjoy my work and enjoy it enough to bring it home! This owl took many hours to render so I’m rather pleased that it’ll be looked on often.

      Thanks so much!

      I should be releasing a set of eastern bluebirds soon. If you haven’t already liked my Facebook page, assuming you use Facebook, you can give it a like to receive any notifications on my recent activity. Here is a link https://facebook.com/Jess.B.Wathen/

      Thanks again, have a good day!

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